External Inspection Tips for Used Cars: Buy Here Pay Here

An exterior inspection is vital when buying used car dealer for sale. This is true whether you are looking at traditional dealerships or buy-here-pay here dealers. Although car shoppers must inspect under the hoods as well as test drive the vehicles before purchasing, we will only be talking about the exterior inspection. Because older cars often require more detailed inspections from buy-here-pay-here dealers, we will only be discussing them. These cars are often purchased from auctions. This means they have different quality. To ensure the highest quality vehicle for the lowest price, it is recommended that customers make any minor flaws known to the seller to help negotiate a significant discount or to dispose of the vehicle if the major flaws are too severe.

Tip #1 – Start by simply walking around vehicles looking out for rust or other visible clues to help you determine how well the vehicles were maintained.

Tip # 2. Check the top of vehicles to see if there are any dents, buckles, or other damage. When major collisions have been repaired they often repair the sides of the vehicle. If this happens it is an indication that the vehicle may need additional repairs.

Tip #3. Checking the quality the wipers are is also important. This could be an indicator of age or the vehicles’ use.

Tip #4. Check the gaps between doors, trunk and front doors. They should be balanced and look normal, as any anomaly could indicate a high end collision.

Tip #5 Check to make sure there is no paint in any spots. This can indicate that body work needs to be done. You can also get paint on places that paint shouldn’t be!

Tip #6. Ensure that the vehicles have matching heads lights and matching mirrors. This is a sign of minor to major accidents based upon the damage that has been done.

Tip #7. Pay attention to your tires. There has to be a reason that the tires were not replaced sooner than they did. Tires typically last longer. This could be a sign that the tires have been damaged or that the mileage has been rolled back to illegally increase vehicle prices.

Tip 8: Make sure to look for the spare wheel and the tools needed to change it. They are indispensable and should not be left behind.

Tip #9: Always open and close all doors to verify that they are not damaged from any previous accidents.


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