Looking for a career within accounting? Opportunities are Yours for the Taking

These are great opportunities for anyone interested in an Accountants Glasgow career. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Perspective Handbook, 2008-09 edition, the accounting profession is expected to experience strong job growth in the years 2006-2016. Between 2006 to 2016, accounting jobs are expected grow by 18%. This growth is faster then the average for all occupations. In the next ten year, there will be almost 226,000 new accounting jobs. The economic expansion, modifications to financial laws and stricter corporate management are all expected to lead to strong growth in both auditing and accounting jobs. Changes in financial reporting standards as well business investments and other events that will result in increased scrutiny of accounting practices and company finances will provide opportunities for accountants. Government agencies will see their accountability increased as a result of the potential growth in accounting careers. According to the Handbook, those who hold a master’s in accounting, are more likely to get licensure or certification, and who can use computer software for auditing and accounting, will enjoy the best career opportunities.

What roles do auditors and accountants have? The roles of accountants, auditors, and other professionals are very broad. Generally speaking, auditors and accountants prepare, analyze, verify, and communicate financial data for clients. Clients can be corporations, governments or non-profit groups. But, depending on the job, the exact job descriptions for auditors and accountants may vary.

What types of opportunities exist in the field of accounting? There are four major areas of accounting and auditoring: public and management, government accounting and internal auditing.

Public accounting jobs. Public accountants offer a wide range consulting services in accounting, auditing and tax. Public accounting can be a rewarding career. You will offer services like tax planning and tax return preparation. Auditors externally are responsible for examining financial statements to ensure they are prepared properly. Public accountants may be called Certified Public Accountant (CPA), which is a professional title that many public accountants hold. They can work for themselves or in public accounting companies.

Management accounting jobs. Management accountants prepare and analyze financial information for the companies where they work. Management accounting can lead to a career as a manager. You will be responsible for managing budgets and expenses, analyzing financial data, preparing financial reports, managing company assets, and maintaining them.

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